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Visit Flags By The Dozen By Ruffin Flag Wholesale, America’s oldest quality flag maker based in Washington Georgia USA, home to 100% Rough Tex ® Flags.

Rough Tex ® is an American Registered Brand

America’s best flag company with UV protected and waterproof Rough Tex flag fabric exclusive from Ruffin Flag Company  in Washington, Georgia. Ruffin Rebel offers a simple buying experience to purchase flags wholesale.

Our exclusive Rough Tex Fabric Finish surface treatment composition, coated textiles and flag fabrics, to enhance printing of designs and patterns; Fabric Finish treated to preserve color (UV Protection) dyes and inks to reduce fade; Flag Bunting Fabric that may or may not have printed patterns and designs for use in textile flag applications, namely Ruffin Flags exclusive Rough Tex bunting used in the manufacture of flags, banners and bunting.

Rough Tex Extreme Flag Fabrics

For The Most Demanding Government & Top Level Cooperate Clients When Only The Best Will Do. Ruffin Flag’s Trademarked Brand Of Exclusive Flag Bunting Surpasses Industry Standards & Government Regulations Worldwide.

Ruffin Quality

Ruffin Flag Company Has Been Working With Flags Since The 1980s. Ruffin Has Quality You Can Trust.

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